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There is no escaping it, Jesus is not a fan of divorce and there is no magic way of changing that. The primary texts we have are from Matthew and Mark. Matthew's is the more explicit of the two and extends the law's reach a bit more than Mark's version. In Mark,remains opposed to divorce but extends the right to women. He says it is because of our hardness of heart that divorce is left as a possibility.

Hardness of heart is the Bible's polite way of putting it for when things meltdown in a marriage or freeze over, as the case may be. No one is to blame and everyone is to blame because everyone has a share in it. Divorce is not simply two people breaking up, it is also an intricate system of needs and expectations, shared memories and intertwined lives now irretrievably altered. The system is ruptured and some just can't be saved. It would a greater sin to stay together than to separate. I speak from experience.

The Lord who love us is a Lord of forgiveness before he is anything at all.


Pastor Joe

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